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We are extremely proud of our many alumni worldwide. Please share your opinions and thoughts with us and help us stay connected by keeping your contact information current. We encourage you to visit often to keep up with the latest department news and events!


The Department of Chemical Engineering is grateful to its alumni and friends for their support of scholarships that are available to students currently enrolled in the Department. A complete listing of all endowed scholarships in the Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources can be found by clicking here.

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Academy of Chemical Engineers

The following is taken from the Charter of the Academy of Chemical Engineers:
The Academy of Chemical Engineers was founded on April 25, 1986, by the Department of Chemical Engineering with the approval of the Dean of the College of Engineering, and the President of West Virginia University, to recognize those graduates who have had distinguished professional careers or who have been of outstanding service to West Virginia University.

In appreciation of the honor bestowed individually and collectively, the Academy of Chemical Engineers will be perpetuated:
  • To strengthen the dedication of students to chemical engineering and West Virginia University through personal and professional example.
  • To recognize those graduates of the Department and others who bring honor to chemical engineering as practitioners and as citizens.
  • To provide advisory guidance and counsel as requested by the Department Chairman.
  • To encourage personal, corporate, foundation and government gifts and grants of money, equipment and facilities to the University for the benefit of the Department.
The Academy nominates, elects and inducts its own members. Inductions are held at a banquet at the conclusion of the Annual Meeting of the Academy on campus. At the Annual Meeting, the members hear from the department chair, faculty, students and college administrators. The current officers of the Academy are:
  • President: Steven Alford
  • 1st Vice President/Secretary/Treasurer: Emer O�Broin Gunter
  • 2nd Vice President: Louisa A. Nara
  • Past-President: J. Richard Haden
Please bring the names of alumni potentially worthy of membership in the Academy to the attention of the Academy President or the Department Chair.

Click here to view a list of Academy members

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Visiting Committee

Chemical Engineering Visiting Committee

The Visiting Committee is composed of representatives of those who hire our graduates, including BS-, MS- and PhD-degree holders. Industrial members predominate, although government and academia are also represented. The Committee fulfills an important role in the Department by giving us feedback which ensures that students graduating at all levels have the skills that they need to be marketable. During their annual meeting, the Committee members hear from the chair, faculty, undergraduate students, graduate students and college administrators. The Committee reports its findings orally and informally to the chair, and later formally and in writing to the dean and the provost.

  • Steven Alford, CIRCOR Aerospace
  • Steven R. Auvil, Air Products & Chemicals, Inc.
  • Jack Dever, MATRIC
  • Kevin DiGregorio, Dow Chemicals
  • Kevin L. Gilbert, E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Company
  • George Keller, MATRIC
  • Kenneth J. Miller, Mylan
  • Raymond L. Page, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
  • George Richards, U.S. DOE, NETL
  • Vince Stricker, Dow Chemical Company
  • Yu-li Wang, Carnegie Mellon University

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